Trouble at pub triggers a review

A STRING of violent incidents at a pub has led to its license being called into question.

Northamptonshire Police has requested a licence review for the Oak Tree in Gold Street, Desborough, following two alleged assaults at the pub last year and an incident of alleged GBH there in March, which is currently being investigated.

Police have admitted they have concerns over the suitability of the premises supervisor (DPS) at the pub.

The force has also said CCTV in the pub is not properly maintained and alcohol is being served out of licensed hours.

Officers have requested that the pub’s premises supervisor is removed, a CCTV system is properly installed and working, an incident register is set up and extra measures to address violence at the premises.

Northamptonshire Police declined to comment ahead of the license hearing, but in the report to request the review, the force said: “It is evident that alcohol is being served after the licensed hours at the premises while the DPS is present, there is a suggestion that the DPS has been involved in violence.

“Investigating officers have also expressed concerns that the DPS has been less than honest in regard to the circumstances surrounding the most recent assault.”

But a spokesman from Enterprise Inns, the company that lease the building, said: “We have been compliant with the police.

“Whatever they have requested, we have done.”

Officers have also requested that some of the conditions on the pub’s current operation schedule are amended.

Neighbours have expressed concerns over noise levels from the pub.

A resident who lives nearby said: “I live in Prince Rupert Avenue and I can hear the noise from my house.

“It’s dreadful – it’s not a very nice place.

“It opens at about midday most afternoons.

“One of the front windows is boarded up but they decorate that board with publicity for events that are going on at the pub, it looks awful.”

The hearing for the licence review is set to take place in May.