Trilingual girl from Kettering launches her own YouTube channel

Yasmin and her mum Monique
Yasmin and her mum Monique
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A six-year-old girl is sharing her love of languages with other children by launching her own channel on YouTube.

Yasmin Brown was born in Kettering into a bilingual family and has been brought up hearing both English and Portuguese.

With her dad being from London and her mum from Brazil, English was her primary language at home but she was picking up more Portuguese on holidays in Brazil.

By the time Yasmin was three, the family was living in Honduras in central America where she met lots of bilingual children, with most of them speaking American English and Spanish.

After her dad got a job as an English teacher in Spain and they moved there when she was five, she started picking up more Spanish and her mum Monique said: “The love for language and different cultures has grown in her.”

Yasmin has said she’d like to be a language teacher in the future, and she has started aged just six with her own videos posted on YouTube to help other youngsters learn to speak another language.



Her proud mum said: “She wanted to share her passion for languages and reach as many kids as possible so she asked us to create a YouTube channel for her to teach languages.

“Yasmin´s channel has been online for almost a month now and the viewing numbers are steadily growing.

“Yasmin talks and teaches many subjects, for example colours, fruits, prepositions and directions have been the themes of the past videos.

“Yasmin´s wit and charm gives the channel an extra flavour.”

Yasmin and her family

Yasmin and her family

Monique says her daughter is a natural when she teaches English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese and she already has several videos on YouTube, including one which has been viewed more than 500 times.

To see one of Yasmin’s videos on YouTube, click here