Tribute to inspirational former headteacher

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A former headteacher of two schools in the north of the county has died.

Harry Johnson, who was 88-years-old when he passed away last month, had been in charge at Stamford Road School for Boys in Kettering and John Lea School in Wellingborough, which was demolished in 2001.

Mr Johnson, who lived at Freestones Care Home in Irthlingborough, had also been a teacher at Henry Gotch Secondary Modern School, now called Kettering Science Academy.

John Sellars, who went to Henry Gotch in the 1950s and has written two books about the school, said: “Mr Johnson, fondly remembered by Henry Gotch pupils as Hacker, was not only a remarkable man but also a brilliant teacher.

“I was privileged to have him as form master, sports master and history teacher during my time at the school.

“He was held in high esteem by every pupil at the school, boys and girls – many, including myself, owe a deep debt of gratitude to him.

“People like Harry Johnson come along very rarely and I, along with hundreds of Henry Gotch pupils of the 1950s, can only be thankful that he came into our lives at a very impressionable time.

“In my case it was an impression that has stayed with me all of my life. He will be sadly missed.”

Mr Johnson, who was also a keen cricketer, leaves behind his wife, Sylvia, and children Barbara and David.