Travellers vacate Kettering park after police order

Travellers set up camp in Northampton Road, Kettering
Travellers set up camp in Northampton Road, Kettering

A group of Travellers have complied with a police order to leave a park in Kettering – moving on to an industrial estate in the town.

Officers from Northamptonshire Police and the county council’s Traveller unit gave the group until 10am this morning (Wednesday, September 24) to vacate parkland between Lake Avenue and Northampton Road.

The Travellers had previously spent a couple of days in the Meadow Road park.

This afternoon, a spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “The Travellers have moved on to private land on the Telford Way industrial estate and the Countywide Traveller Unit is advising the landowner.”

The Countywide Traveller Unit is comprised of the county council and borough and district councils in Northamptonshire, working alongside Northamptonshire Police.

The unit intervenes with unauthorised encampments of Travellers on land which is publicly owned and operates in an advisory capacity when unauthorised encampments are on private land.