Travellers to be removed from Kettering park at ‘earliest opportunity’

Travellers on Northampton Road, who have since moved to the Ise Lodge.
Travellers on Northampton Road, who have since moved to the Ise Lodge.

A group of Travellers will be removed from playing fields in Kettering as soon as possible.

Travellers with more than 12 caravans have been at the Northampton Road recreation ground since last week.

Their arrival was met with a number of negative comments on social media and this morning (Tuesday), the Travellers are still there.

A Kettering Council spokesman said they will be removed.

The spokesman said: “Kettering Council is working with both the Countywide Traveller Unit and Northamptonshire Police partners to remove the Travellers from the site at the earliest opportunity.”

There have now been reports of Travellers moving onto the field at the bottom of the Ise Lodge estate.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “The Countywide Traveller Unit has been made aware of an unauthorised encampment in the Ise Valley area in Kettering and a full assessment is now being carried out.”

Travellers have also been told to leave a site in Northampton, where an encampment of up to 30 caravans moved to Lings Park on Thursday (August 17).

They were given orders to leave by the end of Friday but disregarded the notice.

Cllr Michael Brown (Ind) urged Kettering Council to install earth mounds.

He said: “I used to raise the matter of illegal encampments at very senior meetings within the council, to protect our public open spaces.

“However, ideas such as installing earth mounds were rejected by the council leader.

“I seriously urge them to think again to protect our residents from such activities.”