Travellers have today been ordered to move from Northamptonshire industrial estate

The travellers encampment near Orbital Trade Park
The travellers encampment near Orbital Trade Park

A group of about 30 traveller vehicles is to be moved on after setting up camp in Northampton.

Northamptonshire’s countywide traveller unit went to the encampment, which is on a council-owned grass verge just off Gladstone Road, in Kings Heath today.

They were issued with a direction to leave notice, which means they must be gone by 10am tomorrow or else face a summons to magistrates’ court.

If they did not leave for some reason by the deadline they could be evicted by the traveller unit team.

They arrived overnight on Sunday and the council believes the travellers to be the same group who were at a football club car park near Sixfields last week.

After being served with a notice during Monday, the group must move away by this evening.