Train journey reunites Jason and his best toy

Jason Kenna has been reunited with his favourite toy Timmy
Jason Kenna has been reunited with his favourite toy Timmy
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Rail staff have been praised by a grateful mum after they sent Timmy the sheep, a much-loved toy, on a train journey to reunite him with his upset young owner.

Jason Kenna, five, left Timmy on a bench on a platform at Leicester station when he was travelling home to Corby with his mum Dee from Gloucester.

But the tale had a happy ending when East Midlands Trains staff found the toy and sent it on to Kettering and then Corby for a happy reunion.

Mrs Kenna, of Holyrood, Corby, said: “When we got on the train we couldn’t find Timmy and Jason was really upset. As the train was pulling out of the station another passenger spotted the toy on a bench on the platform but it was too late to do anything.

“I told the ticket inspector what had happened and he called Leicester station and they rescued Timmy and arranged for him to be sent by train to Kettering and then on another train to Corby. We picked him up at the station. Timmy is Jason’s favourite toy and he goes everywhere with him.

“I can’t thank the rail staff enough. It was a wonderful thing to do. Timmy could have ended up in a litter bin.”

A spokesman for East Midlands Trains said: “Our employees do a great job of providing our customers with the best possible customer service. We were really pleased to be able to reunite Jason with Timmy the Sheep.”