Traffic survey to be carried out after call for a crossing


A traffic survey is to be carried out after residents called for a zebra crossing on a busy stretch of road.

People fear someone will be killed or seriously injured as they try to cross The Jamb in Corby Old Village.

Sarah Barnwell, community liaison officer with the county council’s highways department, was invited to a meeting on Friday at the Old Village community centre when she told residents it was unlikely a zebra crossing would be provided.

However, in addition to the traffic survey, she said signs will be put up in High Street and The Jamb warning motorists of elderly people crossing the road.

Road markings will also be changed in a bid to slow down traffic and a section of The Jamb’s surface will be coloured buff to highlight the area used by pedestrians to cross.

She said: “There is not enough room to create a crossing near The Jamb’s junction with High Street, as it would have to be at least 15 metres from the junction.

“To provide a crossing near the post office would mean losing five parking bays.”

Dennis Sellars, of Chapel Lane, in the Old Village, has collected 500 names on a petition calling for a zebra crossing.

Mr Sellars, who is partially-sighted, said: “People are risking their lives every day trying to cross that road. It’s very difficult for the elderly and the disabled. I intend to continue campaigning for a crossing. Our wory is that someone will be killed or seriously injured.”