Traffic chaos at Rushden recycling centre

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Recycling centre users say changes in opening hours have led to traffic chaos for them and other motorists.

Northamptonshire County Council recently reviewed how its 10 household waste recycling centres are run, resulting in revised opening times and days.

But several people have contacted the Telegraph to say they are unhappy with changes at the Rushden site, which they claim have led to reduced opening hours and in turn traffic chaos on Wednesdays with tailbacks along Northampton Road to the Waitrose roundabout.

One reader emailed to say: “Motorists who do not wish to visit the recycling centre but simply want to drive past it en route to wherever they are going are caught up in these queues and this is causing frayed tempers and huge risks are being taken by motorists who try to drive past the recycling centre queue on the wrong side of the road becoming entangled with traffic travelling in the opposite direction.”

A council spokesman said: “We consulted extensively on our proposals to revise the opening hours of our household waste recycling centres and we took into account all feedback in which residents expressed a general preference for site opening times of 10am to 6pm, which we adopted for all centres.

“Due to the increasing financial pressures facing all local authorities, it was important for us to look at how we could run the service more efficiently while meeting the needs of residents.

“The new opening hours at recycling centres reflect the days and times when the centres are used most, specifically a preference for all sites to be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

“While Rushden recycling centre is now closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, the nearby recycling centre in Wellingborough is open on these days and Ecton is open on Mondays.

“There has been an increase in the number of visits to Rushden recycling centre in Northampton Road as a result of the closure of the Newton Road recycling centre by East Northamptonshire Council and we would ask customers to consider the timing of their visit to take into account the peak morning rush hour.”