TRAFFIC: Another closure for busy Kettering road

The routine inspection is taking place next week
The routine inspection is taking place next week

Drivers face disruption as one of the main routes into Kettering is closed - again.

A section of Northampton Road in Kettering was closed for six weeks during the summer holidays for major work on the railway bridge as part of the electrification of the line between Kettering and Corby.

The work to strengthen the bridge was completed by early September but less than two months since the road re-opened, another closure is taking place next week.

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “Network Rail workers will be carrying out a routine inspection of Northampton Road bridge in Kettering.

“We carry out detailed inspections of our structures to make sure that they remain safe, in good condition and fit for purpose.

“Due to the nature of the work, it will be necessary to close the road to allow Network Rail workers to carry out their inspection safely.

“The road will be closed on Monday, October 23, between 9.30am and 3.30pm, as well as overnight on Tuesday, October 24, between 10.30pm and 7.30am.

“We’d like to thank road users for their patience while this work is carried out and apologise for any inconvenience which they may experience.”

The spokesman added that the work due to be carried out next week is not related to the work completed during the summer holidays.