Tractor selfies prove popular in Corby farmer’s fight to raise mental health awareness

Tori Nowlan takes her selfie for national charity Papyrus
Tori Nowlan takes her selfie for national charity Papyrus

A Corby farmer has started a campaign to get people tweeting selfies with their tractor to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Alex Paske, 24, set up the hashtag #tractorselfie4Rob in memory of friend Rob Chapman, who took his own life last summer aged just 29.

She is also raising money for Papyrus, a national charity for the prevention of young suicide.

Selfies have been uploaded from across the world including Australia, the USA and Canada, and Alex can’t believe how popular the trend has become.

She said: “I imagined that it would reach the local farming community and Rob’s family and it’s just picked up momentum going global.

“The outcome is to remove the stigma of mental health in the farming community and get people talking about a taboo subject.

“There are lots of mental health issues within the industry for a multitude of reasons, this time of year when harvesting farmers can be sat on tractor for hours on end with only the radio for company.”

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