Toxic waste and burned-out vehicles left in fields near Kettering

The burnt out caravan.
The burnt out caravan.

Flytippers have blighted Mawsley fields after dumping rubbish, toxic waste and even burning vehicles.

Burned-out shells of a caravan and a car, as well as industrial waste, have been left in land surrounding the village.

A burnt out car in Mawsley.

A burnt out car in Mawsley.

Concerned resident Dave Cross says the items are causing environmental harm.

He said: “The fields around Mawsley have become blighted with an endless stream of flytipping.

“Not only is there an incredible amount going on at the moment but the council are dragging their heels in clearing it up.

“All items have been here for two to three weeks now, some posing harm to the environment and my dogs.

Toxic waste left on the site.

Toxic waste left on the site.

“Given that this frequently includes household waste as well as industrial, sometimes mixed in the same drop, people are talking about local folks who do not have a refuse collection being the perpetrators.

“To my mind, Kettering Council must have some kind of plan to combat this?

“It must cost them more in clear-up than if they simply let people use the recycling centres without penalty for having signwriting on a van?”

A Kettering Council spokesman said they were aware of the incident and that it would be cleared within 24 hours when the Northants Telegraph questioned the mess.

But the spokesman added that clearing up sites was not as easy as it sounds.

The spokesman said: “Removal is not always straightforward, as in this case, where items are dumped on private land and the council does not then have a mandate for access.

“We need the owners’ consent before we can move on site to establish if there is any evidence to identify who dumped the material, and then to move it.

“Otherwise it is the owner’s responsibility to remove the flytipping and we have a duty to explore that option first.”