Town will fly the flag for Olympic Torch

Corby prepares to fly the flag to welcome the Olympic Torch Relay
Corby prepares to fly the flag to welcome the Olympic Torch Relay

Corby is all set to fly the flag to welcome the Olympic Torch Relay.

It will be passing through the town on Monday, July 2, and schools and sporting groups have been working hard to make flags and banners to decorate the streets.

Sixty metres of bunting, 10 flags and 48 banners will take pride of place along the official route. The banners have already been put in place and more decorations will go up this weekend.

Pupils from eight schools, as well as sports groups, the town’s volunteer bureau and its sports forum have been taking part in free workshops organised by Corby Community Arts, the borough council and Corby Learning Partnership to create more than 40 unique banners.

The sports groups have designed theirs by using photos of sporting stars in their own clubs and the schools have been using their artistic skills to design their banners.

Many schools are closing early on Monday to allow pupils to line the 2.7-mile torch route.

Leader of Corby Council, Cllr Tom Beattie, said: “To see the Olympic Torch pass through our borough really is a once in a lifetime opportunity so we are asking everyone to come out and help us celebrate our moment to shine.

“I’ve been watching the torch pass through other towns and cities and just cannot wait until Monday when it is Corby’s turn to join the Olympic celebrations.”

On the big day the council will provide additional parking for the disabled at the swimming pool car park in the town centre.

There will also be a designated disabled viewing area outside the Cube.

Anyone with disabilities will be able to get into the designated area by speaking to one of the council’s 150 event stewards who will be positioned along the route.

The swimming pool car park will open as usual during the day, but between 2pm and 3pm no vehicles will be able to access or leave it.

Corby’s road closures, details of which can be found at, will come into force at 2pm on Monday and the council is asking people travelling through the borough to be patient if there are any traffic delays.

The entire torch route will be a no parking zone until after 3pm and motorists who ignore the traffic ban may have their vehicles towed away.