Town urged to invest in industry

WELLINGBOROUGH Council has been urged to invest in the town’s industry in order to give it the “shot in the arm” it needs.

The issue was raised by Cllr Andrew Scarborough at a meeting of the council’s resources committee last week after he had spent time visiting Finedon Road industrial estate in the town.

He said: “What struck me was the extent to which businesses in this town are going to need the help and support of this council.

“There are times when any responsible council knows it has to spend to invest.

“The idea that we sit there with resources while our industry is dying is, to my mind, a potentially huge mistake.

“If we look at Finedon Road industrial estate, it is in desperate need of a shot in the arm.

“I am merely talking about how best to regenerate our town.”

Cllr Paul Bell, leader of the council, said the local authority was committed to investing in the future of Wellingborough and its industry.

He said: “We want to invest for the prosperity of the borough.”