Town trio in training at famous school for nannies

Norland Nannies
Pictured in Bath.
Norland Nannies Pictured in Bath.

A trio of undergraduates from Kettering have completed their first year at the prestigious Norland College – the home of Norland Nannies.

Jessica Mallalieu, Sophie Watkins, and Emma Parton are all working their way towards a BA (Hons) in Early Years Development and Learning degree alongside the practical based Norland Diploma, which includes a variety of placement opportunities in and around Bath.

All three began their studies last September.

Jessica, 18, formerly of Southfield School for Girls, said: “A family friend of mine had been to Norland, which is where I had initially heard about it. She told me how well she was doing and then I saw the ITV documentary in 2014.

“I saw what was involved and all of the opportunities that come with it.

“My first year has been really good. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time on placements and in sewing lessons, making bunting and a child’s apron. I was surprised by how challenging the academic aspect of Norland is, however it has been equally interesting.”

Sophie, 18, formerly of Bishop Stopford School, added: “Norland was so different from any other degree that I had looked at – and I love the city of Bath. Norland gives you such thorough training combining modern and traditional aspects, so it’s a very different kind of degree!”

“I have always wanted to work with children but never found a place within childcare that I felt was truly me. Being a Norland Nanny is the niche that I was looking for, and I think that my family and friends are pleased that I’ve found it.”

Norland College is based in Bath.