Town is looking greener and cleaner

A TOWN is greener and cleaner, thanks to a council’s success in reducing its carbon footprint by a fifth in just a year.

Corby Council has become a leading light in the international 10:10 campaign which sees businesses and individuals committing to cutting their carbon footprint.

Since joining the campaign, a range of energy saving projects have been completed by the council and the authority has saved twice as much carbon as targeted.

The council has introduced vehicles which emit less carbon, and the Cube and Corby swimming pool have been built to environmentally- friendly specifications.

Lodge Park Sports Centre was also improved when cavity wall insulation and energy efficient lighting was installed.

The council achieved the best results in the UK through the 10:10 campaign, cutting it’s carbon footprint by 20 per cent instead of 10 per cent. Lead member for environment, Cllr Peter McEwan, said: “We’re very proud of our achievement.”