Town hall rich list reveals salaries

A NUMBER of town hall workers in north Northamptonshire are pocketing six-figure salaries, according to figures released by the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

Both Corby and Kettering councils paid four staff more than £100,000 in the 2010-11 financial year, inclusive of pension contributions.

At East Northamptonshire Council there were two staff and three at Wellingborough Council.

At Northamptonshire County Council 10 staff were paid more than £100,000.

In all but one case, the staff had received a pay rise.

The figures also show Kettering Council’s chief executive David Cook was paid £185,000 – almost as much as county council boss Paul Blantern’s £187,000.

The figures have been released in the Town Hall Rich List 2012, but many of the local councils have queried them as they are now out of date.

A county council spokesman said: “Staff salaries reflect responsibilities associated with the posts, many of which require highly-qualified, professional staff, while being mindful of the necessity of providing value for money.”

An East Northamptonshire Council spokesman said the figures are wrong as they have merged two roles.

He added: “Senior management roles are complex and diverse functions in a highly politicised environment where national and local pressures often conflict.”

A Corby Council spokesman said: “We have recently been through a restructure of senior managers. The figures include contractual entitlements attached to these changes. These one-off increases have created significant savings. As of 2011-12 onwards, the council has no officer on a basic pay of more than £100,000.”

A Wellingborough Council spokesman said: “The figures are misleading as we only have one employee earning over £100,000 – the chief executive, whose salary is only just over the threshold. It’s complicated, but the figures cover a time of pro-rata salaries when the chief executive retired midway through the year and the deputy was seconded to the role.”

Nobody from Kettering Council was available to comment.