Town centres flourish when you Shop Local

Javajava coffee shop owner Andrea Peel
Javajava coffee shop owner Andrea Peel

People are being urged to Shop Local by supporting shops, restaurants and cafes in their town.

Eve Cooper helps her mother run Coopers Carpets in Rockingham Road, Corby, and said independent shops stop high streets turning into “photo-fits”.

Eve said: “There is no substitute for shopping locally, it has so many benefits, creating jobs and making the town vibrant and a place people want to visit.

“Local businesses offer extra-special service without having to cost more; we always try to go the extra mile for customers.

“By shopping locally you stop high streets becoming photofits and everyone benefits from a breadth of choice. Rather than traipsing over to Peterborough you can come in during your lunch break to pick something up, it doesn’t have to be a big expedition.”

Independent coffee shop Javajava in Sheep Street, Kettering, is celebrating its first birthday this week. Owner Andrea Peel said: “We’re having special offers every day this week to thank our customers for their loyalty.

“When people come here to the heritage quarter, which is a beautiful part of town, they start to appreciate what they’ve got on their doorstep and realise they don’t need to go out of town. We have a patio area that is very popular in the summer.

“By shopping locally you keep the town centre alive and build a sense of community. Local businesses put a lot of money into the community and it’s good to get support back from the community.

“We can offer a personal service, you get to know customers and build up relationships which you don’t get with big chains.

“Kettering has improved over the past 12 months and success breeds success. The more people who use the town the more retailers will come here, both independent and chain stores.”

The Northamptonshire Telegraph is encouraging people to Shop Local on Saturday, March 2. Editor Neil Pickford said: “Everyone knows that the way we live our lives has changed, but that does not mean we should ignore the gems on our doorstep.”