Torrential rain forces closures and blocks roads

Torrential Rain  :Corby: Flooding on Gainsborough Road at the junction with Blake Road  ''Wednesday 21st November 2012
Torrential Rain :Corby: Flooding on Gainsborough Road at the junction with Blake Road ''Wednesday 21st November 2012
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Homeowners and businesses are hoping the risk of flooding which has hit the area over the last week is finally subsiding, with the weather forecast predicting colder, drier weather for the days ahead.

There were still 24 flood warning across the Anglian region on Wednesday and John Curtin, the Environment Agency’s head of incident management, said: “Further flooding is expected in the next few days and communuities across the country, particularly in north-east England, north Wales and Northamptonshire are urged to remain especially vigilant.”

Stanwick Lakes had to close because of the flooding at the weekend and was still closed on Wednesday.

People hoping to visit the lakes are advised to check the website at before setting off.

Corby was particularly badly hit on Wednesday when parts of Gainsborough Road and Oakley Road were turned into lakes after hours of non-stop rain.

On Sunday a huge area between Oakley Road, near Lidl supermarket, and homes in Seaton Crescent were under water. Part of Gainsborough Road, at its junctions with Blake Road and Leighton Road, was also flooded and impassable.

Gainsborough Road resident Mark Dowell piled up sandbags at the front door of his house. He said: “Since I bought the house in 2004 there have been several bad floods here but the recent ones have been the worst.

“People were climbing over the bonnets of my neighbours’ cars to get through the floods.”

About 170 properties in the Wellingborough area were considered at risk of flooding by the River Nene and River Ise.

Police alerted residents after a warning was issued by the Environment Agency for a number of houses near to the River Nene at the Embankment on Monday. The affected properties were in the Senwick Road and Irthlingborough Road area of the town.

Wellingborough Council’s environmental protection manager David Haynes said: “We drove round the worst affected areas to assess the situation and, where possible, to check on isolated properties. Some road crossings were impassable to ordinary road traffic.”

Oundle Mill closed on Sunday after water from the River Nene flooded in, causing £150,000 worth of damage.

For details of flood warnings go to the Environment Agency’s website at