Tories won’t stand for election in Desborough

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Not a single Conservative will stand in next month’s Desborough Town Council mass election.

The council is looking to fill 10 seats left vacant after the ruling Tories resigned en masse amid claims of bullying earlier this year.

That left two councillors - Cllr Holmes (Independents for Desborough) and Cllr Gilbey (Ind) - with temporary councillors appointed to allow the authority to function.

An election will take place on May 3 to fill the 10 seats but no Conservatives, either from the group that resigned or elsewhere in the local party, have put themselves forward.

It means it will be the first time the council is not controlled by the Tories since 2003, when Labour ran it.

One notable candidate is Phil Sawford, the former Labour MP for Kettering who lost his seat to Philip Hollobone in 2005.

Full list of candidates for the May 3 election:


Claire Archer (IfD)

Gareth Coe (Lab)

Andy Coleman (Lab)

Tim Healy (Lab)

Bill McElhinney (IfD)

Jean Read (IfD)

Clive Skinner (BNP)

Simon Stroud (IfD)

Catherine Tew (Lib Dem)

Christopher Tew (Lib Dem)

Joanne Watson (Lab)


Linda Burnham (IfD)

Paul Coles (Lab)

Steve Draycott (IfD)

Irene James (IfD)

Bill Keys (IfD)

Ben King (Lab)

Phil Sawford (Lab)

Jo Taylor (Lab)

Rikki Tod (Lab)

Alan Window (Lib Dem)

Helen Wood (Lab)