Top tricks and tips to keep you and your property safe on the trains in Northamptonshire this Christmas

Extra officers will be patrolling on the rail network in the area in a bid to crack down on thefts over Christmas and the New Year.

Friday, 11th December 2015, 9:25 am

There will be a number of operations running at stations and on trains in the run-up to Christmas and into the New Year.

Extra uniformed and plain clothes officers will be out and about to tackle the theft of presents, suitcases, bags, bikes, mobile phones and laptops.

Officers are also asking passengers to keep an eye on their gifts and personal belongings, take responsibility for their own security and be aware of some of the tricks and tactics festive thieves and Christmas crooks may use here.

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And You can view 13 of the most common tricks on the British Transport Police website at

Officers will also be on the look-out for those who act anti-socially and making sure that rail staff are not subjected to any kind of abuse or assault.

Temporary Chief Inspector Stuart Middlemas said: “Traditionally we see a rise in the number of people using trains and stations at this time of year. Unfortunately, with this, we also see an increase in thieves targeting passengers on the railway. They often look to take advantage of people who may have consumed too much alcohol, or who may be traveling with a lot of luggage to visit family and friends, or unsuspecting shoppers carrying bags containing expensive presents.

“We will be out and about on the rail network undertaking extra high visibility and under cover patrols and will be using the excellent CCTV system on the rail network to catch people in the act and put them before the courts.

“We will also be holding crime reduction events where we will be handing out leaflets and providing advice to people across the region – so come along and say hello.

“We also want people to watch the clips showing the tactics that festive thieves may use and how best they can safeguard themselves and look after their property on crowded trains and at stations.”

Top tips to keep your property safe

•Keep purses secure and carry wallets in an inside pocket

•Zip up hand and shoulder bags

•Carry bags in front of you, with flaps against your body

•Keep straps short and bags tucked under your arm

•Don’t display jewellery, mobile phones and MP3 players

•Don’t show your money - keep it safely in your pocket

•Stay alert and aware of what’s going on around you when using your phone in public

•Keep your luggage close by and check it regularly

Your IMEI number:

Keeping a note of your mobile phone or tablet IMEI number can help police return lost or stolen items to the owner.

To find your IMEI number:

•Dial *#06# on the keypad and the IMEI number will be displayed.

•Remove the battery of the phone — the IMEI number will be identified on a sticker underneath.

•On an iPhone and iPad, go to Settings > General > About. Scroll down to IMEI to find the 14 digit number.

Then install a tracker app and then register your details on, which will help us identify your property if it is recovered.

If you think your property has been stolen:

•Stay calm and don’t panic. Report it to a member of transport staff or a police officer straight away

•Report a theft on the railway or London Underground to British Transport Police on0800 40 50 40 or text 61016

•In an emergency, always dial 999