Top role for former Corby councillor

Former Corby councillor Alan Irwin
Former Corby councillor Alan Irwin

Former Corby councillor Alan Irwin has taken up a key role working with FIFPro, the international trade union for professional footballers.

He has been appointed external evaluator to a high profile project which is funded by the European Union to address the growing problem of match fixing in football across Europe.

Mr Irwin has been working for the Professional Footballers Association in the UK for the past seven years and has worked closely with FIFPro at an international level as their education advisor.

He said: “This project will be a key responsibility of FIFPro which will be expected to develop a European code of conduct which will form the basis for negotiations for a joint code with UEFA in dealing with match fixing in the sport.

“What we hope will happen is that our work will significantly raise awareness of the dangers of match-fixing among players and officials but, more importantly, will improve the structural environment of professional football so that the conditions that lead to match-fixing are reduced.

“Clearly, this project has many stakeholders beyond FIFPro and UEFA and because of the criminal nature of match fixing we are working closely with Interpol which has been supporting us to get the message across to the players about the dangers involved and the damage it can do to their careers if caught.

“My role is to ensure that the strict criteria laid down by the European Union for this project is adhered to and that key objectives are met.

“It is essentially what any trade union would do in protecting their members and that’s precisely why I’m deeply proud and honoured to be part of that work.”