Top marks for waste and recycling in East Northants

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According to recently released government waste and recycling figures for 2011-12, East Northamptonshire residents are doing really well at reducing waste.

The figures show that in terms of total waste per person East Northamptonshire was 24th lowest out of the 354 councils in England.

In terms of residual waste, which is waste which isn’t recycled or composted, East Northamptonshire was the lowest in Northamptonshire and ranked 60th out of the 354 councils – up from 160th in 2010-11.

In 2010-11, they collected 9,235 tonnes of material for recycling/composting. In 2011-12, this rose to 13,400 tonnes.

The council hopes these figures will improve substantially again this year as four months of 2011-12 had passed before its new wheeled bin based recycling scheme started.

Cllr Glenn Harwood MBE, deputy leader of East Northamptonshire Council, said: “We introduced our new collection scheme in August 2011 and the huge impact it has had, in terms of increasing our recycling tonnages and reducing landfill tonnages, is clearly shown in the latest Government figures.

“The new collection system, coupled with the tremendous efforts of East Northamptonshire residents, have resulted in a huge reduction in household waste - we now send about 8,000 tonnes less to landfill each year than we did a couple of years ago.

“That is excellent news.

“The reduction in landfill tonnages has resulted in lower disposal costs, which means savings to the council tax payer in the region of £670,000.

“Landfill Tax is currently £64 per tonne, so about £520,000 of the overall amount were savings on Landfill Tax alone.

“Additionally, around £250,000 of the overall savings in landfill costs are paid back by the county council, to East Northamptonshire Council, via Recycling Credits as a contribution towards the costs of the improved recycling services we introduced – and on top of all that – there are the obvious environmental benefits as well.”

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