Top judges uphold thug’s jail sentence

Kim Fearon
Kim Fearon
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A gang leader jailed indefinitely last year for organising a series of raids on Kettering homes where he believed drugs were kept has had an appeal against his sentence rejected.

Judges at the Appeal Court in London upheld the sentence – which includes a minimum jail term of 12 years – handed to Kim Fearon, of no fixed abode, Wellingborough, by a judge at Northampton Crown Court in May 2011.

He was given an indeterminate public protection prison sentence after pleading guilty to three counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary in July and August 2010.

It means he will not be released unless officials decide he is no longer a risk.

Fearon, 26, was the ring-leader of a gang which terrorised families in Kettering, planning burglaries for his henchmen to undertake, although he did not take part himself. The gang tortured their victims, with one man being waterboarded in front of his family by Fearon’s machete-wielding thugs in July 2010.

Judges heard the men then threatened to shoot the victim’s children, before they took cash from the home and fled. Fearon, who has 56 previous convictions, also bought cable ties from a hardware shop in Kettering which were later used to tie up victims.

Judges at the Appeal Court rejected claims by Fearon’s lawyers that the sentence had been harsh and he was not a danger to the public. Lord Justice Pitchford said: “The sentencing judge was not merely justified, but correct, in the conclusion to which he came.”