Tony spreads his dog therapy reading message in America

Tony Nevett and his greyhound Danny
Tony Nevett and his greyhound Danny

A man who has helped thousands of children learn to read with the help of his beloved greyhound Danny has returned from a trip to America where he helped to promote the reading education assistance dogs scheme.

Tony Nevett, 53, of Fulmar Lane, Wellingborough, tours schools across the country with Danny to listen to young children read, with the aim of helping to build the child’s confidence in reading aloud.

The story of their work has recently been made into a book entitled Danny Goes To London.

Tony was invited to go to America to take part in a book tour and to promote his work. Danny was unable to travel due to flight restrictions.

Janet Holtman, president of Corridor Therapy Dogs in America, said: “Tony was a great representative from England. His knowledge regarding therapy work with dogs was of great help to us who are new to the field.

“Together we discovered that people are the same in all parts of the world and we all tend to have a great appreciation for therapy dogs. His approach to pet therapy is more realistic. For Tony the work is always a joy.”