Tom strikes chord across the world

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Guitars made in Corby are striking a chord from Russia to the USA.

Tom Bingham, 64, of Borrowdale Road, has been making guitars for 10 years and there has been a huge response to his work since the instruments were featured in the Evening Telegraph at the weekend.

Included in his collection are a vinyl record guitar, a chessboard guitar and a cricket bat guitar based on a Captain Sensible LP cover from 1982. He has also made the Hadron Collider and the Busker CBG, which came fourth in a guitar-building competition in America.

He said: “There has been an amazing response to the article about my guitars. I had an email from the glossy magazine Full House which wants to run an article about me and I was also contacted by guitar catalogue Encore in the USA, asking if they could use pictures of my guitars.

“A guy in Russia contacted me asking if I would be interested in manufacturing and shipping my guitars to Russia where he would sell them for me. Someone else from Cigar Box Nation, for people who make guitars from cigar boxes, also offered me top dollar price if I sold and shipped one of my guitars to the USA immediately.”

But Mr Bingham, who is currently showing some of his guitars at the Open Corby 2012 art exhibition at the old library above Queens Square, has no intention of selling his guitars.

He said: “They’re not for sale. I’m not tempted by any offers of money.

“I give them away to my family and friends.”

His tutorials on how to build a guitar can be found on Youtube under the name Mr Sambollett.