Tom’s guitars strike chord with TV show

Tom Bingham
Tom Bingham

Guitar maker Tom Bingham, whose out-of-this-world creations have attracted global attention, has been asked to feature in a Sky Movies film.

Tom has been approached by Alex Boultwood, a researcher on the Sky Movies film programme 35mm which wants to feature his Star Wars guitars.

He said: “I was contacted by Alex last year but the timing wasn’t right for me then.

“I’ve written back and told him I’m interested in taking part and I’m just waiting for him to come back with how we’ll take it further.”

Fronted by film critic Alex Zane and presenter Robyn Bright, 35mm airs every Friday at 7.30pm on Sky Movies Showcase HD, followed by a repeat on Sky1 HD at midday every Saturday.

It gives viewers all of the latest movie news, previews and A-list interviews, as well as topical and quirky features.

Alex, who contacted Tom by email, said: “Congratulations on making such amazing guitars! Sky Movies programme 35mm would love to feature you on our show to show off your impressive collection of Star Wars models.”

Tom, 64, of Borrowdale Road, Corby, has been making his own guitars for more than 10 years.

They include the Millennium Falcon, part of a trilogy of Star Wars guitars, the Higgs Collider and the Busker, which he has given to Corby musician Chris Browne.

He can regularly be seen playing it in Corporation Street in the town centre.

The Busker model has an amplifier built in as well as a Zippo lighter, a pick holder, a bottle opener, a vanity mirror, a clock, a penny whistle and 12in cigar.

Tom gave a chessboard guitar to Corby illustrator Katie Lindsay in return for a poster she is working on.

He said: “I never sell the guitars and I don’t go courting publicity but I’m flattered that I’ve been contacted by Sky Movies and I’m happy to take part in a film.”

Tom’s Busker model also features in the latest Haynes guitar manual, which came out on January 2, written by Corby author and musician Paul Balmer.

He has written six books on guitars, as well as the Haynes Drum Kit Manual.