Timing of school day could change

A SCHOOL may change its day so its lunch break is shorter and the school day finishes earlier.

St Peter’s Junior School in Mountbatten Way, Raunds, sent a letter home to parents at the end of last month telling them about proposals to shorten the lunchtime break from one hour to 40 minutes and to change the end of the school day from 3.15pm to 3pm.

Parents have until tomorrow to submit comments on the plan and school governors will discuss the idea and look at parents’ feedback at a governors’ meeting on Monday, April 30. If it goes ahead the changes will come in in September.

The Evening Telegraph was contacted about the plans by a parent who said she had worries, which included concerns that working parents may have to change their hours to fit the new timings.

Headteacher Leah Stirrat said there were plenty of activities put on for the youngsters at lunch break, including drawing, football, playing with hoops, bats and balls and playing on the field when the weather was dry.

But she said as a lot of children chose not get involved with any of these activities, the school had come up with the proposal for the alternative timings.

Mrs Stirrat said: “Even though the children are offered a range of activities at lunchtime, you can’t force the children to join in because it’s their time.

“We have a number of them in spite of this offer of activities who say they are bored and fed up and get themselves into mischief.

“There are things to do, they just choose not to. Particularly in the winter when it’s cold and not very pleasant, half of them turn up without coats. We decided that actually to shorten the lunchtime would mean they would have less time to be bored, fed up and cold.”

The plan would also see the morning break extended by five minutes.

Mrs Stirrat said five responses had been received from parents and all of their concerns would be looked at.

She said: “Once we have gathered all the responses in we then go to the governors on April 30 and discuss whether we go forward or not.”