Three schools closed due to weather conditions

Schools in Cottingham, Wollaston and Weldon have been forced to close due to the snowfall across the county.

In messages on the county council’s website, a 12.28pm statement alongside Cottingham CE Primary School said: “This school is closed today. Reason: Bad Weather. Due to the continuing bad weather we have decided to close the school.”

Snowy scenes in Orton.

Snowy scenes in Orton.

The message from Wollaston School at 12.53pm said: “This school is closed today. Reason: Heating / Lighting / Water. Broken boiler.”

A message which appeared just after 3pm with regard to Weldon CE Primary School said: “This school is closed today. Reason: Bad Weather. Due to the weather we have decided to close the school early.”

Northamptonshire County Council says it is working around the clock to keep routes in the county clear of snow and ice and is currently on standby to go out on another gritting run.

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Snow in Finedon this morning.

Snow in Finedon this morning.

A spokesman for the authority said: “We are concentrating on priority routes one and two over the weekend to keep them open.

“This has meant that major roads have been treated and made safe. On every salting trip, 27 gritting vehicles cover more than 1,200 miles, which is nearly half of Northamptonshire’s entire road network.

“The fleet have been out over the weekend and the last run was at 3.30am where roads were pre-treated with salt in preparation for the rush hour this morning. Salting the network helps to melt the snow when it falls but does not clear all the snow once it starts to snow heavily. Salt works best when traffic passes over it as it needs this movement to react and melt snow and ice.”

Some snow is expected this morning in areas across the county.

For the remainder of this morning snow showers are light. The forecast does not indicate that the snow fall will get heavier but this forecast is changing hourly.

Footways in the main shopping and pedestrianised areas have also been gritted and grit bins will be refilled as necessary.

The spokesman added: “Salt bins are there for the public to use on the highways and footways and people are being urged not to empty these bins for private use. Salt can be purchased for this purpose from DIY shops at very little cost.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said that although the forecast was only for light snow today, motorists should still be on their guard.

He added: “We would advise you to allow plenty of time for journeys in adverse weather conditions and not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

“Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy in that all lights are working and visible and that wipers and heaters are fully functional.

“Drive appropriately to the conditions - where the conditions are tricky slow down, allow plenty of space between you and the vehicle ahead of you and brake sparingly, using the gears to slow the vehicle wherever possible.

“Carrying a shovel and a spade in the vehicle is recommended and ensure you have something to eat and drink at hand should you break down or face a lengthy delay.”

The video above is snow falling at the top of Rothwell Road, Kettering, near the junction of the A14 at 11.30am.