Three KGH staff named in the NHS’ ‘Top 70 Stars’

Mrs Adeeba Nishtar and baby Grace Birch
Mrs Adeeba Nishtar and baby Grace Birch

A consultant obstetrician at KGH has been voted one of the NHS’ ‘Top 70 Stars’ for her outstanding work – achieving 7th place in the national top ten.

Mrs Adeeba Nishtar, who has been a consultant at KGH for six years, was nominated by Kettering mum Karen Birch for the care she provided during Karen’s recent pregnancy.

Deborah Black

Deborah Black

The Health and Care’s Top 70 Stars event was put together as part of the NHS 70th birthday celebrations and is a joint venture between the NHS Confederation, NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Anyone who had worked in the health and social care sector over the past 70 years could be nominated as a Star and there were 238 nominations received.

Mrs Nishtar was Karen’s consultant during her pregnancy because she had gestational diabetes which presented risks to her pregnancy.

In simple terms it can lead to babies growing very large before due dates and also potentially compromise blood flow to the placenta.

In her nomination Karen said: “Mrs Nishtar is an outstanding role model within the NHS at Kettering General Hospital.

“With her personal aptitude and passion for people she uses her well refined obstetric knowledge and breadth of experience to formulate shared plans of care.

“These plans she implements along the unpredictable course of pregnancy, labour and delivery, nudging and re-steering safely along the way and always involving and discussing options and their rationale.

“Some people make such an important impact on our lives that our memories of them will be never fading.

“She will forever be our NHS hero.”

Karen needed to be induced early because close monitoring of her condition suggested blood flow to the placenta was starting to be compromised.

Mrs Nishtar was there to deliver baby Grace on April 11, 2018.

She was born three weeks early and weighed 3.22kg (7lb 1oz).

Mrs Nishtar said: “I am really honoured and feel humble to have been nominated by Karen as a member of NHS staff who delivers good care.

“I would like to thank Karen very much for nominating me.

“I try very hard to support my patients in the best way possible and it is very nice to be recognised for these efforts.”

Since joining KGH Mrs Nishtar has worked hard in several areas to improve care for patients.

She has been a patient safety lead, supported patients at high risk in obstetrics, run diabetic clinics, led on subfertility services, and helped to develop outpatient procedure work that has reduced the need for inpatient operations.

Following yesterday’s (June 14) event it has been revealed that two more KGH staff were shortlisted for the NHS’s ‘Top 70 Stars’ for their outstanding work.

It brings the number of KGH staff who made the national top 70 up to three.

Liam Coulson is a porter at KGH and in the run-up to Christmas he appealed to individuals and companies for Christmas crackers so he could pull them with every patient in hospital – especially the ones with few friends and relatives - during his shift on Christmas Day.

He was overwhelmed with the public response to his appeal and carried out his promise on Christmas Day.

He came 9th out of the national top ten.

His nomination read: “Over the Christmas period Liam really went above and beyond.

“On Christmas day he pulled a Christmas cracker not only with every inpatient in the hospital but also every member of staff; a single desire to make people happy and feel valued.

“His kindness made a huge impact on patient experience.”

Liam said: “I am absolutely delighted and thrilled to have been recognised in this way.

“I want to thank everyone else who helped me on that Christmas Day.”

Deborah Black, a superintendent radiographer in KGH’s breast screening unit, was also nominated by a colleague for her personal and professional qualities and came 22nd in the top 70 stars.

Her nomination read: “Deb is an extremely dedicated and conscientious person who strives to always do the very best we can as a unit to both our colleagues and patients.

“She is a kind and supportive manager and will always make the time to listen, and is always very caring towards people, staff and patients alike.

“I think it would be appropriate for her to be nominated as a star as she deserves some recognition for the wonderful job that she does as a lot of her work is behind the scenes and is not always apparent.

“She always goes the extra mile.”

The Health and Care Top 70 Stars were revealed for the first time publically yesterday (Thursday) at 5pm at the NHS Confederation’s annual conference in Manchester.