Three Great Taste Awards for cider maker based near Wellingborough

Philip Saxby
Philip Saxby

They say good news often comes in threes, and that’s definitely true for Saxby’s Cider.

Based at the family farm in Farndish near Wellingborough, chief cider maker and owner Philip Saxby and his team are currently celebrating a trio of Great Taste Awards, which are often described as The Oscars for fine food and drink.

To make the 2017 awards, a team of judges who are experts from the world of food and drink blind tasted 12,500 products over 62 days.

The national winners are people who genuinely care about the quality and taste of the food and drink they create.

Speaking about their trio of awards, Philip Saxby said: “Saxby’s Cider is pressed each Autumn right here on our farm.

“We have our own orchards, there’s no rushing - just carefully selected English apples, slowly matured and expertly blended.

Amanda Saxby

Amanda Saxby

“Our rhubarb cider was described as nicely balanced and our limited edition cider as full flavoured.

“The judges particularly liked our plum cider which was awarded a two-star award.

“The judges said it was crisp, refreshing and very drinkable.

“We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

“All our cider is made with love.

“We like to think you can taste the difference, and we’re extremely proud to have not one but three of these prestigious Great Taste Awards.”