Three fines issued since introduction of Kettering’s controversial PSPO laws

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-160914-155218005

Kettering Council has issued three fines since the introduction of the highly-controversial PSPO laws.

The laws, which banned activities such as drinking, skateboarding, begging and loitering in areas of the town centre, were officially introduced on July 25.

But Kettering Council used the first six weeks as an ‘introductory phase’, meaning punishments have only been dished out since September 5.

And in the first week since that move, three fixed penalty notices have been handed out – including one on its first day.

Two were issued for consumption of alcohol in a public place, with one issued for failure to comply with the PSPO.

Each offence was dealt with by issuing a £100 fixed penalty notice.

A council spokesman said it intends to monitor its effectiveness over the coming months.

The spokesman said: “The PSPO has been effective since July 25.

“However, an introductory six-week period was incorporated into the roll-out of the order, to enable the public to fully comprehend and appreciate the new measures that have been put in place.

“During this time officers from the local authority and police have primarily focused their efforts in giving out advice to inform the public of their obligations under this order.

“Following on from this initial introduction period, the authorities have now started to issues fixed penalty notices where appropriate.

“This second phase was effective from September 5.

“To date three fixed penalty notices have been served within the first week.

“It is the authority’s intention to monitor the effectiveness of the PSPO over the coming months, when an adequate time period has passed.”