Three charged with murder of 60-year-old man

Irthlingborough, crouch road murder house:'28/08/12
Irthlingborough, crouch road murder house:'28/08/12

Three people have been charged with murder following the death of a man in Irthlingborough on Sunday 26 August.

Two men, aged 22 and 64 and a 46-year-old woman have been charged with the murder of Glenn Clary, aged 60, of Garden Field Close, Irthlingborough.

The 22-year-old man and 46-year-old woman, as well as a 28-year-old man, have also been charged with the wounding, robbery and false imprisonment of a 26-year-old man, during a separate incident on Saturday, August 18.

All four will appear before Corby Magistrates Court this morning.

Police discovered the man’s body at a home in Crouch Road, Irthlingborough, on Sunday, August 26.

After the incident officers sealed off the property with police tape while investigations were carried out.

Neighbour Fred Waring, 71, said he had returned home on Bank Holiday Monday, August 27, after a weekend away in London and was surprised to find his street lined with police vehicles.

Mr Waring said: “When I saw it I thought ‘hello, what’s happened here?’

“I had a word with the police and they said ‘we can’t tell you anything but we have taken him away’.

“He said there was an incident the night before.”

Neighbour Barbara Beddoe, 76, said: “I didn’t know anything was going on until Monday morning, someone said the police had been there all night.

“It’s been a bit of a shock.

“It’s dreadful, terrible. I’m sorry about it because it’s sad.”

Neighbour Anthony Craddock, 80, said: “It’s shocking. You don’t really expect it, it isn’t often things happen in Irthlingborough. It’s a shame.”

Andrew Forde, 41, of Crow Hill, Irthlingborough, said: “It’s tragic.”