Thrapston to be left without a bank

Barclays, Thrapston.
Barclays, Thrapston.

Thrapston residents will be facing a 16-mile round trip to visit a bank when the town’s last branch closes this year.

The town’s High Street Barclays will close its doors on Friday, October 12.

It means the nearest bank to those in the town will be in Oundle, almost eight miles away.

Tom Love, 82, lives in nearby Islip and branded the move ‘ridiculous’.

He said: “I’ve been in Islip for 45 years.

“To find out the fourth bank [in Thrapston] will close is ridiculous.

“I know modern technology is coming in and I have a mobile and a computer but this is going to affect a lot of people.

“Not everybody wants to bank online.”

In previous years the town’s HSBC closed after a ram raid and the Natwest closed before being converted to a Domino’s pizza store.

Thrapston residents will still be able to access banking facilities at the Post Office in High Street.

But those wishing to physically visit a bank branch will have to go to Oundle (7.8 miles away), Rushden (9.9 miles away) or Kettering (11.2 miles away).

Chris Neate said: “This seems to be a classic example of the progressive abandonment services to the non-urban areas.

“The real second class citizens live outside the cities, have poor internet, poor local services, failing bus links and are largely ignored by the county.

“A recent BBC R4 interview showed that unlike the cities the more rural areas do not depend on internet and smartphones, but the banks seem to assume all their customers are 20-somethings with the latest phone living in a city.”

Last year Barclays closed their Burton Latimer branch, leaving residents there without a bank.

In a letter to Thrapston Barclays customers, the bank said: “We are sorry as we know you have found this branch convenient to use.

“The decision to close a branch is never an easy one.

“However, we are finding that fewer customers are using the branch to do their everyday banking.

“Taking into consideration the alternative ways to bank that are available in the area, we have made the decision to close the branch.”