Thrapston schoolgirl wins top honour

PCSO Dave Bryan, headteacher John O'Leary and Katie, nine, Matthew, Averil, and Jeanne Ellmer
PCSO Dave Bryan, headteacher John O'Leary and Katie, nine, Matthew, Averil, and Jeanne Ellmer

A Thrapston schoolgirl has been awarded her school’s top honour after her community spirited actions helped an elderly resident who had fallen over in the street.

King John School pupil Katie Ellmer, nine, received the shield from PCSO Dave Bryan at a surprise assembly in front of her proud parents Matthew and Averil Ellmer, from Thrapston, and her grandmother Jeanne Ellmer.

Katie was recognised for her kind-hearted action when walking home from school she found a pensioner who had fallen down in the street and been hurt as a result.

Despite other members of the public walking by, Katie dashed to his rescue then used her phone to raise the alarm.

She contacted the man’s son to get help, reassuring the victim, who is in his 80s, while waiting.

Katie also remembered to give her parents a call to say why she was late.

The community award, sponsored by Northamptonshire Police, was presented by Thrapston PCSO Dave Bryan who is also a governor at the school.

King John headteacher John O’Leary said everyone at the school was impressed with Katie’s actions and quick-thinking.

He added: “She really took control of the situation and made sure the man was okay.

“Katie got other people to help and also got the man to give her his son’s phone number so she could speak to him and let him know what had happened.

“We at the school are very proud and impressed with what she did and I know her parents are as well.”

Katie had no idea her parents had been invited to the assembly and were sitting at the back of the hall watching their daughter’s reaction to the surprise announcement in front of staff and pupils at the packed assembly.

Her mum and dad had been sneaked into the back of the hall by staff to see their daughter pick up the shield.

Apart from the community shield, Katie also received a hand written letter and £20 as a reward for her quick-

Mr O’Leary said the community award is not given out on a regular basis but is instead only awarded when a pupil has done an exceptionally good deed.

She may be the last recipient of the community shield because the school will close at the end of July, as part of an education shake-up in Oundle and Thrapston.