Thousands sign petition over construction access to Rothwell development

Members of the RNWP presented the petition to Kettering Council this morning.
Members of the RNWP presented the petition to Kettering Council this morning.

A petition to prevent construction traffic for a new development travelling through Rothwell and Desborough has attracted 3,000 signatures.

The Rothwell North Working Party (RNWP) want a haul road - a temporary route for construction access - in place before work on the 700-home Rothwell North development begins.

They say without it the traffic would impact roads in Rothwell and Desborough and created a petition to build the haul road.

That petition was presented to Kettering Council this morning (Thursday).

Kevin O’Brien, a member of the RNWP, said: “Without the haul road in place ahead of any development on the site, construction site vehicles will impact our main roads in both Rothwell and Desborough adding to a potential situation of large-scale construction taking place at Desborough Grange and the Ise Valley at the same time.

“There is a cycle and pedestrian pathway on the B576 between the two towns largely in place for young people making the journey to and from Montsaye Academy and we fear greatly for their safety as vulnerable road users.

“The additional environmental impact is also cause for concern.”

At this stage there is agreement to build the road at the 250-house mark as it is strategically planned to knit into the overall development.

RNWP secretary Margaret Mossman said: “Our two towns have come together on this as we recognise the nightmare scenario our roads are likely to have in the not too distant future.”

A Kettering Council spokesman said: “The council received the petition this morning and is considering its contents.

“We will be in touch with the petition organiser when we have done so.”