Thousands sign petition launched by campaigner who fought for change in Wellingborough

Corey Haseley has campaigned on a number of different issues which affect people in the county
Corey Haseley has campaigned on a number of different issues which affect people in the county

More than 3,700 people have signed a petition started by a young campaigner about access to specialist vehicles.

Corey Haseley has launched an online petition against changes to disability benefits made in 2013 which he says have led to people having their specially adapted vehicles taken away from them.

More than 3,700 people have already signed the petition, and Corey is hoping more people will show their support for his campaign.

He said: “The Motability scheme entitles disabled people to lease specially adapted new vehicles and powered wheelchairs.

“As a Motability vehicle user myself, I am terrified that this will be taken away from me, then I would not be driven to my many medical appointments.

“In fact I would be devastated as I have a life-limiting condition, am a wheelchair user and blind.

“If this was to happen, my life would change dramatically, I would have no quality of life and I would be isolated from everything, including my own family.”
Corey would like to see the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), which is responsible for welfare, pensions and child maintenance policy, review the issue as he believes it affects so many people’s lives.

And he added: “The assessment needs to be looked at from a person to person, illness to illness point of view rather than trying to just do a one size fits all.

“We do not all fit into the same box.

“Every disabled person with a vehicle deserves to keep their vehicle to enable them to live their lives as normal as possible and have as much independence as possible.”

While this is Corey’s current campaign, it is not the first time he has tried to make a difference in his community.

The Northants Telegraph has covered several of Corey’s campaigns in the past, including winning an eight-month battle to get the county council to install a dropped kerb outside the Priory Pub in Bourton Way, Wellingborough, in 2013.

He also launched an appeal in 2014 to raise money for a new disability scooter for disabled users visiting Brixworth Country Park.

Anyone wanting to sign his latest petition can click here