Thousands raised in memory of Wellingborough Rugby Club stalwart

Wellingborough Rugby Club raised �2,755 in memory of Steve Hill
Wellingborough Rugby Club raised �2,755 in memory of Steve Hill

A sold-out event helped raise £2,755 in memory of a rugby club stalwart.

Wellingborough Rugby Club held its annual St George’s Day dinner at the end of April.

But this year’s dinner had particular poignancy as they decided to hold it in memory of Steve Hill, a popular member of the club who died last year from cancer.

They raised £2,755 from the event and this will go to Cancer Research UK.

Club member Thomas Meyer said: “We were very pleased with how it went, it was a great success.

“We were completely sold out.”

About 110 people attended the dinner on April 24, and Mr Meyer said they were bursting at the seams.

He added: “When Steve died the donations were for Cancer Research UK so we thought because he was a club stalwart, if we could get a number going there would be some money to give to that charity.

“We did very well with the sponsorship we received.

“We were really indebted to a number of organisations that supported us.

“We got a good deal of sponsorship and we had a raffle on the night with various rugby prizes including a Saints shirt and one from Wasps.

“A lot of the Premiership clubs were good with that.”

Mr Meyer said Steve was a big part of the club, and added: “Steve played for the first team and when he retired he became club coach for a number of years.

“He coached us when we got promotion in previous years then he became club secretary.

“He was Mr Wellingborough in many ways in what he did.”

He added: “There are people like that who are few and far between with dedication.”

It was a team effort in organising the night, including the food provided by the club’s catering team.

Mr Meyer said: “We have got a good team here at the club so the catering was done by our catering team at the rugby club.

“I think Steve would have been very chuffed because he was a club man through and through.

“If he knew, I think he would think it was a fitting tribute to him.

“His wife was very pleased and his daughter came along.”

Mr Meyer added: “It was just nice for the Wellingborough area to pull together, I think that was important and that made it all worthwhile.”