Thousands of motorists do not have insurance

Police use ANPR cameras to detect cars which are not insured
Police use ANPR cameras to detect cars which are not insured

With thousands of people currently driving uninsured in the county, police say they have a significant problem but warn reckless motorists will not get away with flouting the law.

The force estimates about 10,500 vehicle owners in Northamptonshire do not have their cars insured, and the Telegraph can reveal that 2,223 motorists have been caught driving uninsured in the county over the past two-and-a-half years.

The figures were made available following a Freedom of Information request.

Chief Insp Dave Lawson, from specialist operations at Northamptonshire Police, said: “It’s a big issue for us as it’s often an indicator of other crime and the amount we’ve caught is just the tip of the iceberg.

“But if you drive uninsured you will get caught.

“We carry out road checks every week as part of our fatal four campaign and we’ve got a variety of ANPR cameras across the county.

“The consequences of being caught or having an accident are far reaching.

“People may think they are doing it to save money, but if they are caught, you can bet your bottom dollar if they apply for insurance in the future it will be sky high.

“If they have a serious accident they could be liable to pay out.”

Chief Insp Lawson also warned that motorists who drive uninsured are more likely to be involved in accidents, according to the latest police figures.

Drivers who are caught face up to nine points on their licence or even disqualification.

Northamptonshire Police also hands out £200 on-the-spot fines and drivers’ cars are towed away, with the offender having to pay recovery costs.