Thousands line the streets for the 808th Rowell Charter Proclamation VIDEO

Thousands of people lined the streets of Rothwell this morning for the 808th Rowell Charter Proclamation.

People followed town bailiff Robert Denton as he rode around the town on horseback reading Rothwell’s ancient charter. Every year the bailiff reads the charter at nine points around the town from 6am.

This morning's reading of the proclamation in Rothwell

This morning's reading of the proclamation in Rothwell

Mr Denton fell from the horse but managed to persevere to complete the tour of the town before heading off to hospital to be checked out.

He said he was pleased by the turnout and how the morning had gone.

Mr Denton said: “The morning went superbly well, I should think we have topped 3,000 or 4,000 people.

“It’s the biggest crowd we have had since 2008. It’s usually a fairly good crowd when it’s Bank Holiday but today is even better because it’s the Queen’s jubilee.”

Paul Johnson, president of the Rowell Fair Society, said: “I think it went excellently, we didn’t know how many to expect with it being the jubilee but I think it was an excellent crowd and well supported. I think it’s one of the great traditions, it’s totally unique in this country.”