Thieves targeting Wellingborough homes in spate of break-ins

Inspector Paul Valentine is urging people to be vigilant
Inspector Paul Valentine is urging people to be vigilant

Thieves have broken into 14 houses in a fortnight in Wellingborough.

Police say there have been 15 incidents - 14 break-ins and one attempted burglary - in the past two weeks.

The burglaries have taken place in and around Wellingborough, but particularly in the Brickhill and Croyland areas of the town.

Sector commander for Wellingborough Inspector Paul Valentine said: “The majority have taken place overnight.

“Items stolen are small things which can be carried, such as cash and small electrical things like E-readers and tablets.

“Laptops and games consoles have also been taken.”
Insp Valentine said the thieves don’t seem to be carrying out extensive searches and digging out items such as jewellery, but just taking small items which are easy to carry and sell on.

He said: “It’s cash, some electrical items and stuff that you can easily get rid of and is easy to carry.

“This number of burglaries is high.

“We are treating it as a series of incidents and would urge people to be vigilant.

“A number of them have been because of insecurities so we are urging people in these areas to lock their doors and windows.

“If anyone sees any suspicious activity in their garden or on their drives overnight, please ring it in.”

People are being encouraged to call police if they have any concerns, and to let officers know if they have been offered anything for sale which seems too good to be true.

With the break-ins happening at night, people have been in at the time asleep, not disturbed and only realised they had been broken into the next morning.

Insp Valentine believes the offender or offenders are local and they have stepped up patrols to try and stop the spate of crimes.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police on 101.