Theft victims will be repaid

CARE home residents with learning disabilities will get back the £17,000 the home’s finance manager stole from them.

Charity Oakfield Ltd has said the adults with learning difficulties at its care homes in Easton Maudit and Yardley Hastings will get back the money former finance manager Jenny Glanister stole from them.

In a statement its directors said: “Confiscation proceedings were instigated at the hearing held in March and following a full disclosure of Miss Glanister’s assets the victims, including Oakfield, will now seek compensation.

“The home will take all proper steps to ensure that all victims are compensated in any event.”

Glanister, 51, of Penfold Drive, Great Billing, was jailed for 32 months on Tuesday after admitting stealing £338,000 from the homes, including £17,000 of residents’ personal funds.

The county council, which places people in the independent home, has changed its procedures so its audit team can investigate a care home’s finances after it was revealed parents’ concerns over the charity’s finances were ignored five years ago.

Rosemary and Malcolm Read complained to the council in 2008 they were being charged thousands of pounds for their autistic son James’ care on top of what the council was paying, but were being refused any breakdown.

James was evicted from the home after the complaint.

The ombudsman resolved the complaint with the county council paying £2,000 to the family.

A county council spokesman said: “It’s acknowledged that the home should have been able to provide a breakdown of what the money was being spent on and as a result of learning from this case, when these types of issues are raised we can now arrange for our audit team to investigate the concerns further as appropriate.”