Theft and violent crime see a rise during last year in Corby

Crime has risen in Corby
Crime has risen in Corby

Thefts and violent crime have risen in Corby during the last year, according to the latest police stats.

There were 5,745 reported offences between July 2017 and June 2018, data from the Office for National Statistics shows.

That’s up by 10% on the previous year, when 5,216 incidents were recorded.

That means there was a rate of 83 crimes per 1,000 residents during 2017-18, roughly the same as the average for England and Wales of 84.

The statistics are based on crimes reported to the police, and the ONS urges caution in interpreting some of these figures.

Some offences go unreported while others may be more numerous due to a change in the focus of the police or greater public attention.

However the ONS believes crimes such as burglary and theft, which are generally well reported and recorded, have genuinely increased.

Gun and knife possession offences in Corby rose by one to 56 incidents.

There were 285 residential burglaries reported in 2017-18. Due to a change in how the ONS categorises burglaries, the localised figures cannot be compared with other years.

There was a 9% increase in offences with knives or sharp objects, leading to the highest number of incidents since March 2011, when comparable records started.

In Corby theft, one of the most high volume crimes, increased by 16%. Drugs related offences dropped by 24%.

Criminal damage, which includes arson and vandalising cars and houses, has gone up, from 653 incidents in 2016-17, to 683 in the latest figures.

While violence with injury, which includes assault, GBH and wounding, has risen, this could just be due to improved police recording as opposed to an increase in incidents.

Similarly sexual crime statistics are hard to judge as many more victims are now coming forward due to a series of high profile cases.

In Corby there were 158 incidents recorded between July 2017 and June 2018, an 8% rise on the previous year, when 146 crimes were reported.

There were also 190 cases of stalking and harassment reported over the same period.