Theatre gets into spirit of awards

Arthur Tester won a Spirit of Corby Award last year
Arthur Tester won a Spirit of Corby Award last year

A pair of theatre tickets are up for grabs for anyone who nominates someone for the Spirit of Corby Awards.

The Core Theatre has offered a pair of tickets as its way of showing its support for the awards that recognise people who go above and beyond for the community.

Anyone who nominates someone for a Spirit of Corby Award will be automatically entered into a prize draw and the winners will be announced after the awards ceremony on Friday, September 13.

You can nominate online at, or you can find hard copies at the Corby Cube, Corby East Midlands International Pool, Lodge Park Sports Centre, East Carlton Country Park and at community centres around the borough.

There are six Spirit of Corby Awards categories and you can nominate as many people as you like, although last year’s winners cannot be nominated for the same award again. The deadline for nominations is midday on Friday, August 16.

The categories of the Spirit of Corby awards are:

The Jimmy Kane Young Spirit of Corby Award – sponsored by BeLa Partnership Ltd and won by Callum Reilly in 2012.

This is for a young Corby resident (under 25) who has made a contribution to their local community, is an example to their friends, may have excelled in music, education, sport or has perhaps overcome adversity to show the real spirit of Corby.

Club Spirit Award – sponsored by Wots the Big Idea, creators of the Spirit Magazine, and won by Rosemary Saunder last year.

This is awarded to an individual who has contributed towards a local club or society, such as sporting, social or voluntary groups, or nominate the whole club or group for what they bring to the community

Community Spirit Award – sponsored by Northamptonshire Police and won by Doreen Hunter in 2012.

This is for an individual or group who has worked towards making their area a safer or stronger community, whether it’s through contributing to reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, or simply being an active member of the community who gives time to make a difference in the area.

Creative Spirit Award – sponsored by Quantum Print and won by Weldonfest last year.

This award is for an individual or group who has made a contribution to the arts in Corby – music, theatre, art, dance, literature etc.

Education Spirit Award – sponsored by Tresham College of Further and Higher Education and won by Carol Copeland in 2012.

This award is for an individual or group who has enriched their lives through a commitment to learning, maybe an adult who has returned to education and achieved excellence in their chosen field, or someone young or older who inspires other with their enthusiasm and love for learning.

Environmental Spirit Award – sponsored by Kier Street Services and won by Arthur Tester last year.

This is for an individual or group who has worked to protect or improve the natural or built environment, or promoted environmentally responsible attitudes and behaviour eg recycling, energy saving.

The winners will be announced at the awards night which will take place on Friday, September 13, at The Core and The Cube.

Deputy leader of Corby Council, Jean Addison, said: “This year we are hoping for as many Spirit of Corby nominees as possible as we know there are a great deal of people out there who deserve recognition for all that they do. I would urge everyone to take some time to fill out the short nomination form and get it back to us before the closing date.

“A big thank you to the Core Theatre who have fully supported the event over the last couple of years and for kindly offering the public some free tickets for what I’m sure will be a fantastic show.”