The trouble with being a teenager

People think being a teenager is easy.

They say they can’t wait to be grown up and be trusted more.

Going out with your mates and having an extremely good time.

It’s what every little girls dream is, until they actually become a teenager.

It’s hard. Everyone expects highly of you, not really knowing how much they are asking for.

Teenage years are for making mistakes and learning from them.

Nobody’s perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Life didn’t come with instructions to follow.

I’m 14, don’t do drugs, don’t smoke and don’t drink. But that’s just me.

Some teenagers start and get addicted to it.

This ruins the rest of their life by making them unhealthy, changing who they actually are and being reliant on it.

Also I’m in Year 9 and just picked my options, physiology, media studies, history and Spanish.

I picked them because it’s what I enjoy and it what I need to become I journalist.

But if I didn’t pick them then I might not make it as a journalist, I might not be able to follow my dreams as my first article told me to do no matter what.

Year 10 and 11 will be so much hard work but you have to prepare yourself so you will work to the best of your ability and achieve your goals.

Also teenagers go through pain, suffering and most of all, bullying.

You try to hold your head up high but in actual fact it hurts like hell inside, and no-one will understand that unless they are going though something like you are going through.

As most of you may have found out, teenagers can be stressful and angry one minute but the next they are hyper and happy.

Hormones are confusing, even for us teenagers.

When I was little I didn’t get money. I didn’t think getting a job would be that hard.

I thought buying a house was done about 18 or 19 and easy.

I thought weddings were not so expensive but as I grew up I’ve missed that.

I was living the dream life. Now I’m 14 and trying to start making my dreams into reality.

I will give all you teenagers one tip; Stand up for yourself and don’t always depend on other people otherwise you won’t get far in life.

You can’t turn up to a job interview with your best mate with you.

Be free. Be yourself, no matter what it costs. No matter what other people think.

You’re unique, you’re a special, beautiful person, inside and out.