The Queen to pay Jubilee visit

MHBG-09-02-12 The Queen'The Queen visits Banbury, 2008... The Queen meets people on the walkabout outside the town hall
MHBG-09-02-12 The Queen'The Queen visits Banbury, 2008... The Queen meets people on the walkabout outside the town hall

The Queen is coming to the county.

Excitement is already building after yesterday’s announcement that Her Majesty will be visiting Corby in June as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be in the East Midlands on June 13 and 14, during which time she will visit Corby, Nottingham, Burghley, Stevenage and Hatfield.

A statement from the press secretary to the Queen said: “Her Majesty the Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, will mark the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a series of regional visits throughout the United Kingdom.

“Touring the country by road, rail, air and sea, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will travel widely across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“These visits will give Her Majesty the opportunity to express her thanks to people throughout the country for their continued support and loyalty.”

Audrey Barnes, of Clydesdale Road, Corby, said: “That’s tremendous news for Corby. I’m a great admirer of the Queen, who has done a marvellous job during her reign. I’m excited about the diamond jubilee celebrations and I’ll make sure I’m out to catch a glimpse of her when she comes to the town.”

Northamptonshire High Sheriff Penelope Escombe said: “It is a huge privilege and honour for Northamptonshire and particularly Corby to have the Queen visit, where she will get a really warm greeting from many supporters.

“We all have great admiration for her sense of duty, her dignity and her perseverance. She is a wonderful example of selflessness.

“It will be a wonderful day for everyone and a real shot in the arm for Corby at a time when it is being regenerated.

“I hope she goes to one of the parks so everyone can see her. I shall be there with my flag.”

Corby mayor Gail McDade said: “We are proud to be one of only five places in the East Midlands to receive a visit from the Queen. I’m a little sad that the visit comes after the end of my year in office but I’m sure my successor and everyone in the borough will be honoured to welcome the Queen.”

Deputy leader of Corby council Mark Pengelly said: “It is a testament to the people of Corby and all that we have achieved in the borough that the Queen is visiting us in her diamond jubilee year. It is a great honour and we will give her a warm Corby welcome.”