The Oscars arrived in style

Wrenn School in Wellingborough held its own Oscars night. Jessica Parnell reports.

The dresses, the glam, the glitz, the tension, the atmosphere, the crowd, the winners, the nominees and finally the red carpet walk came in style.

The build-up was hard but nothing went wrong.

When you walked up the red carpet you were blinded by flashes and people screaming to talk to you.

When you went through the first door you had a professional picture taken and the final step you took to the award hall took your breath away; the cakes, the layout, the crowd and the crew. It was magical.

You had the nominees sitting on the edge of their seats wondering if they will win that Oscar.

There families with their fingers crossed hoping the best for their children.

Also the Sweeny Todd performance was overwhelming.

All the teachers, presenting their subject awards.

The crew walking around snapping a picture of you when you least expect it.

The interviews going on throughout the evening.

The audience sitting with looks on their faces waiting for the winner to be announced.

For me the best bit was when I realised it was a successful evening and I couldn’t have spent it any other way.