Teenager sets sail in special voyage

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A young boy who has cancer set sail on a voyage with other patients this month.

Rhys Buckseall, 16, from Geddington, has taken part a special opportunity, sailing with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.

Rhys took part in one of the Trust’s four day yacht adventures around the Solent waters off the Isle of Wight on July 30 to August 2, along with 31 other young people who have or are recovering from cancer, aged between the age of 8-17 years old.

Rhys said: “The trip was really enjoyable and I loved every minute of it. I’ve never been sailing before, I found the steering easy, I would definitely go again.

“The trust is really good, I would come again.”

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is a charity that supports young people aged between eight to 24 who are recovering from cancer and other illnesses.

The Trust’s main activity is taking young people on four-day sailing trips to help them rebuild their confidence.

Each young person has the challenge to help sail the yachts, and are encouraged to work as a team by getting involved in everything from helming the boat to cooking.

Dame Ellen, who launched the Trust in 2003, said: “These young people are truly amazing. They face experiences that no one should ever have to go through, and yet they do it with the biggest smile on their faces, they are truly inspiring.”

For more information visit www.ellenmacarthurcancertrust.org.