Teenager is a little hero in grandad’s eyes

Lauren Goodman, 14
Lauren Goodman, 14
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A Wellingborough teenager has been praised for the care she showed to her grandad during his battle with cancer.

Lauren Goodman, 14, found out her grandad, Anthony Gray, had leukaemia 18 months ago and has since been recognised for helping him through his cancer journey.

Her support for both her grandparents throughout Mr Gray’s battle has led to her being named runner-up of the Silver Spoon Little Local Hero Awards, run by Macmillan Cancer Support.

The youngster said she has supported her grandparents because she just wants to help and give something back to them.

Her grandad had a stem cell operation on Lauren’s 14th birthday, and it went well so he now calls her his lucky charm.

Lauren said: “My nan has always been really nice to me, so I would buy her flowers just to see her smile and make her happy.”

As well as texting her grandad throughout his treatment, she has used her passion for baking and cooking to help.

Lauren baked her grandad a birthday cake from his favourite liquorice sweets.

She also used her cooking skills to make meals for her grandparents to have in their freezer ready for when he came home from hospital.

She said: “I enjoy baking but I just wanted to do something for him. I know he loves liquorice and cake, so I thought it would be nice.”

Lauren has not only supported her family but she has also given her time to charity by taking part in the Waendel Walk, raising £150.

The teenager said she was shocked at first to win the award but it feels nice and has made her happy.