Teen star Faryl Smith is living the dream

Faryl Smith says she is living the dream, with just days to go before the release of her first album which could lead to a meteoric multi-million pound career.

The teenage opera singer said all her hopes of a glittering career are pinned on the success of the album, named Faryl, which she will launch in Kettering on Monday.

The 13-year-old, who was discovered on the ITV show Britain's Got Talent, said she didn't want to be anywhere else but in her hometown for such a pivotal moment in her career.

Since signing a 2.3m record deal, the Kettering schoolgirl has been enjoying the life of a celebrity, hitting the red carpet and appearing on television shows.

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Pre-sale figures show her album is proving to be popular, with the CD listed at number 1 in the opera category on Amazon.co.uk.

Faryl, who is meeting Prime Minister Gordon Brown at 10 Downing Street today, told the Evening Telegraph: "I have always wanted to have an album so I'm living my dream already.

"I just have to wait and see – everything depends on the album.

"I definitely want to be at home for the launch. I want to be surrounded by my friends and family because obviously, it's a big deal for me.

"It will be strange to see my face in the shops because I do go into town with my friends and buy CDs, so it will be weird that I will be on the CDs."

The Evening Telegraph took to the streets yesterday and asked 12 people to review the 12 songs on Faryl's album, which include Ave Maria and Amazing Grace.

It went down a storm and even left a couple of listeners with tears in their eyes.

Faryl said the possibility of a second album and future singles depends on the public's reaction to her first recording, and said: "We're waiting to see what happens when the album comes out.

"We all hope it will do well and there are high hopes for it."

She thanked all the local fans who have supported her, voted for her on Britain's Got Talent, and who would hopefully be buying her album.

She will be performing and signing copies in Kettering's HMV store on Monday from 5pm.